I found my perfect brow pencil -Silkygirl's Hi-Definition Brow Liner

After many years drawing my brows, i finally found a brow liner that's easy to use, and provides me the light and natural finish I've been looking for.

My discovery of Silkygirl's Hi-Definition Brow Liner was very much by chance.  There was one Sunday, when I was about to leave for my weekly visit to Mum's... i realised I have lost my one and only brow pencil. It was like the crisis of the day.... cos it means I had to leave the house with "half" eyebrows. :p Hence, I quickly popped into a nearby CK departmental store to see if I can grab a brow pencil....ANY one would do at that point.

Picked Silkygirl's Hi-Definition Brow Liner, and was pleasantly surprised. This is the first self-sharpening, retractable brow liner that I've tried that does not break easily. Others, I have tried before always break after I carry them around in my work bag. It's angled tip also makes it very easy for me to draw the tail of my brows just by applying feather light pressure.  The liner comes with a brow brush at the end of the pencil that helps make blending easy.  Best part is....the brow colour last almost throughout the day.... no need for touch-up the entire day. Yippee!

I can now do away with sharpeners! Finally...which I have been finding a chore.

Maybe it's time to start trying more of Silkygirl's product. :)



my personal silkygirl hi definition brow liner... :)