I cannot see my feet!

A lunch conversation reminded me that I am only 2.5 months away to my delivery.  Sounds pretty scary yeah?!

At 30 weeks, I am officially in my third trimester. Other than being so huge that I cannot see my feet when standing upright, life seems to be slowly reverting to the nauseated first trimester days. I can't seem to digest most of my food, and often find myself hugging the toilet bowl. This is actually good news to me given Dr F's incessant complains that I am putting on too much weight. But, really...I have only gained 12kg after 7 months....is it really that much? Let's see if the nausea and puking can help keep my weight gain in check.

At 30 weeks,  I should really be getting excited with  all the shopping I can go crazy with for Beanie especially during this season of endless baby fairs. However, I am either too lazy to go out and join the crowd, or I start getting aches all over after only walking for a bit. Pregnant or not, I have never liked crowds, much less queuing. So, take for example the Mothercare sale that happened over the last weekend. When I arrived and saw over 50 couples in queue waiting to get in, I turned back and tugged Hwa along. Let's put it this way, maybe at this point, I haven't been "mummified" just yet. So baby fairs & sales don't quite resonate in my list of weekend activities.  Or maybe , I am just one of those super chilled and last minute type of mums with a "come what may" attitude.   I prefer to think I' m the latter, and I hope I will not change much as we progress in our lives. All I hope for Beanie is that he grows up healthy and happy, so while I will attempt to provide with as much niceties as I can, I am going to take it easy while doing so.

At 30 weeks, with my super huge belly, I begin to feel pain at all the weird places. The area just below my right breast feels like there are an open wound on the inside and should really bruising on the outside.  But....there seems to be no signs at all. Lying down, and flipping in bed is super super agonising!  My pelvis... also on the right side hurts with every step i take! I sure hope it will not get any worst as I countdown to receiving Beanie.

At 30 weeks, when I have nothing much to wear, I find myself searching for clothes to buy after i give birth.... and looking @ ways how to lose all the weight i have put on. Yes... frivilous but... that's me. Don't quite wanna spend money on clothes I wun really be wearing after i get back to work right?!

Ok... that's all for now.... I seriously cannot wait for Beanie to arrive.....




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