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The countdown begins

I am 32 weeks pregnant.

While most mummies are starting to write their birth plans....I prefer to write a "countdown to birth" plan. I am just being practical. :) I need to deal with the immediate future rather than what's going to happen in 2 months time.

1) Launder Beanie's clothes and washable diapers.

Did I mention how I got nagged by MIL on one side, and Mum on the other to use nappies? And i mean the traditional ones where you need to fold dozens of these square pieces of cloths and fasten them with safety pins. Well, i don't have a dryer at home, so i have hating the thought of washing these nappies, and finding some place to hang them dry. I certainly don't want my house to look like a laundry outlet. Neither do I have the patience with the folding and pinning.  So, i started to do a bit of research on those modern diapers. Looked at pre-folds, one-size diapers etc. So many brands in the market but got a pretty good insight from where there's a  library of reviews on almost every cloth diaper you can find. To be honest, I did not know which is choose although i was partial towards Moo Moo Kow. I pretty much made the decision at a recent baby fair judging by the number of people @ each stall. Moo Moo Kow's stall was packed with eager I just joined in the crowd and got myself 10 sets of cloth diapers. I would say... this was my most satisfied purchase so far. Although I won't know how good these will be, I am looking forward to diapering Beanie.... so much so that the diapers are what I started laundering first. Let's just make a date here on my blog 2 months after Beanie arrive, and I will provide my take on MooMooKow's diapers. So exciting!!!!!


image from

2) Purchase Beanie's basic necessities..

Such as...his shampoo, diaper rash creams, medicated oil, baby powder, bulb syringe etc. What else should i get? Is there some sort of checklist?

3) Purchase my breast feeeding necessities...

Such as breast pads, nursing tops, nipple creams etc...

4) Purchase Beanie's mattress, mattress covers, pillows etc.

Yes. I have his playpen ready... but no mattress or beddings, although i started with waterproof mattress protectors. Good start ain't it?

5) Buy new pillows and bolsters for Hwa and myself.

Our pillows and bolsters are like super old! Cannot imagine the germs they carry! Hahahah! My bolster in particular has been with me for maybe close to 10 years?!

6) Clean out the covers of our "hand-me-down" car seats.

Yeah... those car seats smell of moth balls!

7) More blankets, bibs and .... ermm.... more bibs?!

I have more than enough clothes... that's for sure.... and only 4 bibs... should i really get more?

8) Get a bouncer...

Or does anyone want to get one for me?

9) Pack my hospital bag.

Well... at least start listing what goes into the bag..

OK... i seem quite lost.... and may seriously end up being totally unprepared when Beanie comes... But, dunno why... i am still feeling quite cool about it....

Ok... maybe i do have tiny bouts of panic, but i think i can pretty much get most stuff settled in one ore two weekends?! Cross fingers... and hope this post kinda put some perspective into where I am at for my prep. I see an upcoming busy weekend!





  1. Anonymous9:28 pm

    my dear, you need maternity erm.. pads...

    n hehe.. i used drypers for the 1st 2-3 months (cos have to change every 2 hours as the baby just keeps pooping) After that, it's mamy poko all the way... seriously babe, with breastfeeding and baby minding, the last you will prob want to think about is laundry...


    actually, if u go to takashimaya, they even have a checklist for the baby... at the baby section.

    oh!!!! u cannot not have this! a fisherprice rocker. MUST HAVE


  2. Hi dear..... Thanks for the advice man! I am just hoping to pop soon..... The growing belly plus loads of work is making me so so exhausted!


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