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My real deal

Happy to laze in bed till past 9am today, and be able to lounge on my couch typing this entry.

What seemed like a never ending week, reinforced what keeps me going at work, and I am glad to realise it did not change very much over the years.

Boss was away Siem Reaping, and all @ work thought we would have an easier work week. Unfortunately, tasks were flown over at lightning speed which strangely gave me an adrenalin rush. Covering another colleague's work which I have absolutely no clue how to go about it and the fact that the task had to be done in a quarter of the usual time required, further put my mind in a spiral. It's been a long time since i camped in the office till almost 10 every night, was exhuasted, yet felt very very satisfied.

A few years back when I played The Real Deal cards, my deal breaker was "Learning". This means if I find that I am not learning anything new, I will start getting dis-engaged. That was what happened over the past months. I was unhappy and started thinking if there's anything else I could do and i begin to wonder if my deal breaker remained the same. I recalled my relunctance to leave Aviva a year back as i knew new opportunities were constantly thrown at me to help better myself. Hence, with the challenges I faced in the past week, it reinforced that constant "learning" is still what keeps me going. That's going to help me figure my way around keeping myself satisfied with my current job.

Let's see how it all pens out from now....



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