Dealing with pregnancy myths

Ok...i believe many mummys out there have gone through similar expriences where well meaning friends and family members tell you what you should or should not do when you are pregnant.

Many of these are of course what some of us deem as " myths" which are actually practices by our older generation in the bygone days.

Here are some of what I have heard:

- To ensure your baby is well behaved, we should let them wear some old clothes at birth.

- Cannot use old baby bedsheets, as the character of your baby will be like the previous baby who used it.

- Eating crabs will cause your baby to be hyperactive

- Eating oranges will cause your baby to have a lot of phelgm.

- Pregnant women should stay away from chemicals such as hair dyes and nail polish

- Drinking coffee will make your baby's skin dark.

- Pregnant women should avoid any renovations or contructions as it may cause birth defects.

...and the list goes on.

Well...while I can understand how some people tend to be more careful than others, and follow these practices to a tee... but that does not apply to everyone. What gets on my nerves is when people seem to want to force these practices down your throat, and scare you by saying something will happen to your kid if you do not follow them.

I am someone who conciously avoid conflicts. Hence, even when I do not agree with what I hear, I will just nod in agreement, simply just to end the topic of conversation. But, that of course does not mean I will follow them.

I think I am discerning enough to know what are really myths, and what the underlying reason behind some of the more credible practices. For example... drinking coffee. Hell no will I believe drinking coffee will cause my baby's skin to be dark. But,  we know caffine, pregnant or not is harmful to one's body, especially when pregnant. Medically, a preggy who takes above 200mg a day doubles their risk of miscarriage.  I am often not compliant, hence I still take coffee now, although maybe only once a week or even less.

Hence, what I am saying here is... thank you everyone for your advice. They are well received and I truly appreciate the concern. However,  when you catch me not following them, i would also appreciate if you do not chide me. So when I say, i insist on buying new clothes for my son, and not let him where any tom, dick or harry's hold clothes, I mean it!

Ultimately, to mummys out there, the rule of thumb is, use your own discretion when following these practices. Do not feel pressured to do what others tell you to. More importantly, you must be comfortable as well as enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest. You are blessed to have a child, hence do what you think is the best your him/her.

Happy pregnancy to all mummys to be!!!!!!!