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Anniversary Staycation @ Siloso Beach Resort

30th December 2011 saw us celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. Time certainly zooms pass us, and this anniversary will be the last where we celebrate as "just us". Next year this time, Beanie will join in the celebration... as the labour of our love  :)

Dying to go overseas, I booked ourselves into Siloso Beach Resort @ Sentosa. (Well... going across that bridge is still considered overseas right? ) I  will do a short review of the resort in a while, but just let me recount the day's happenings first.

Celebrations started on 29th December.  We got up bright & early, and headed to the sonographer's for my week 20 fetal anomaly scan. I was a little nervous as I have not seen Beanie for over a month, so am not sure if everything's alright. My worries were unfounded, and this early morning visit brought us the best anniversary present we could ask for.... that was the gender of Beanie.

We are expecting a Dragon Boy! Yay! This wonderful news....coupled with Dr F's report that all is well with my pregnancy changed what we had planned for the rest of the day.

After checking into the resort, instead of basking @ the pool before dinner, we trooped out to Vivocity for a happy movie. Movie was an excuse to be out @ civilisation so I can pop into MotherCare and Spring Maternity and Toys R Us to make a mental list of things I want to get for little Dragon Boy.

That pretty much sumed up our pre-anniversary celebrations.

The pool eventually found a place in our schedule the next morning....and all we could talk about was little Dragon Boy.

Well.... while i often lament at how much I  wanted a kid all these years, I think the five years being married without one has brought Hwa and I even closer.... and it seems we are more loving than we had been 5 years ago.

Maybe it's because we only had each other. And, because of that.... it has made us appreciate this pregnancy so much more.... and all I want to say this year is Thank You Lord for the most wonderful gift,.... the best we ever had so far.

Now... for my humble review of Siloso Beach resort:

As you enter it's premises, you will be greeted with the lush greenery that's  promised on their website. I fell in love with the place instantly as it brings us into another space, completely away from the concrete jungle we are so tired of.

Their landscape pool was also to die for. Apparently, the pool contains natural spring water that's harvested from the hill's reserves. It is a surprise to me... Singapore has spring water?! If I had all day, I would be lounging by the pool... taking dips the whole time. They even have water slides by the pool that caters to kiddos. When beanie comes along... this will be one of the short getaway destinations on our list.

Lush greenery and pretty lanscaped pool

However, before that, I think the management needs to think about upgrading / renovating their rooms. It does seem pretty run down with wet patches on their ceiling, and no mobile network in the rooms. Their small and pathetic TV also seems outdated.

water patches on the ceiling.

super mini TV
What:   Siloso Beach Resort
Where:  Sentosa


  1. Congrats on hitting the halfway mark!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS, hon!!! I haven't been on blogger for a LONG time and didn't know you are a preggo.

    My best wishes to you & your man :)



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