Search for the right BB Cream

While I have raved about how I love Korean beauty products, the sad truth is most of them are not suitable for my ultra sensitive skin. They are usually too rich... or are more suitable for ladies with almost flawless skin.  I usually end up with one too many pimples or like I have soaked my face in a basin of oil! Tough luck I guess!

But but but.... that has not stopped me from trying to look for that purrrfect BB Cream. BB Creams are supposed to have skin-regenrating properties, and provides coverage for blemishes or slight imperfections on your skin. Now with BB Creams getting more popular locally with brands outside of Korea developing their own.... why not start experimenting again!?

So many choices.... how to chooose......??

That's when direct mailers worked! Months back, I received Ettusais' monthly members' update... and the picture below got me interested in their BB Mineral Cream. :) Cute right?


Ettusais BB Mineral Cream comes in 3 different shades (10, 20 and 30), at $38 for a tube of 40g. Being of a darker complexion, I bought shade 30.  Texture of the cream is smooth and not oily like some others I have tried. It smoothes on easily, and gives my skin a matt finish, which I love. More importantly, it managed to cover most of my freakles and acne scars. My skintobne also became less blotchy. For someone who never walks out of the house with at least foundation on, I have actually gone out a few times with just the cream on. When I use the BB cream with my regular powder foudation, it keeps the shine away for longer periods during the day. Best of all is... I have been using this for more than a month, and  have not had any breakouts so far.


My personal tube of Ettusais BB Cream

I guess...I will try Ettusais' BB Mineral Powder next.

My rating? This deserves 8/10.

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