I survived...

With no luck on the oral medication, we started on SO-IUI this cycle. For the uninitiated, SO-IUI is a combination of 2 types of treatments for infertility.

In gist, I had to start off jabbing myself in the tummy for a good 7 days with Puregon, then follow-up with a visit to Dr F to check if my follies are properly stimulated and growing well... followed by another 3 days of jabs (AGAIN!!) and finally have Hwa's little troops launched in to meet my follies.

Boy... i cannot believe I made it sound so simple. But, it really is! Although I have to admit waking up each morning to poke that needle was a little bit of a chore. Using the pen for the jabs was almost painless... but there were days I had to use the syringe and those really sting. Good thing I have a blob of fats around my waistline to make the jabs slightly more bearable.

Anyway... I have survived 10 days of jabs. 5 on the syringe and 5 on the pen. Now, I am just waiting for Dr F to give me the go ahead for insemination.

Oh... and for this lucky cycle.... I've got 3 follies growing quite well... and I have affectionately called them Paige, Tyler and Megan :) I can only now hope for them to grow to an appropriate size... and pray for the best.

Grow follies grow!!  Wish me luck!


Puregon Pen


Puregon with syringe

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