wee thots on a sunday...

It's been 5 months since i moved to my new job, and am occasionally finding it hard to describe to people what I feel about this change.

Things seem familiar yet different.

I cannot quite put my finger on what' s missing ..... and maybe it is really too early to conclude something is amiss. This is not to say i don't like my job or anything negative. Personally.... i just feel i need to find that one thing that keeps me going in my career... the way I have always been with my previous ones. Maybe... and just maybe... I have not quite let go of the past.... and sometimes i wonder... have i stepped back... or  moved forward.

Ah well.... let's re-evaluate in another 5 months time.

Time to hit the sack... good nite world.. and thanks for enduring my "thinking out loud" moments like this!