an interesting journey?

Thanks to Bear, we managed to snag a couple of complimentary tics to "Voyage de la Vie" .  Always had the intention to watch it, but since it is the resident theatrical show @ RWS, I thought... what's the hurry.

Well...since I have never watched any other mega scale circus such as Cirque du Soleil, neither did I take the trouble to read any reviews on the show... hence, I pretty much did not have any expectations. It was already a bonus that Hwa was willing to go for the show with me on a "schoolnight". :)

We were sitting at the front few rows... and when the show started... we were pleasantly surprised by how the the cast "mingled" with the audience when they made their entrance, although I secretly wished they will leave me alone.

Voyage de la Vie, in french means " Journey of Life", where it depicts the story of Boy (Jonathan Leong) and his experience while growing up. I loved the set and the pyrotechnics. I loved the gymnastics performances.... but other than that.... i did not know how to appreciate the other parts of the show. I felt the show got a wee bit draggy towards the end... and some of the magic tricks wasn't much to be wow-ed about.

Oh well... all in all... I would say i did enjoy the show, and it was quite a nice and relaxing way to end the stressful work day. But, I do wonder with the crowd (or lack of ) we saw on a Thursday night, do they even make any money from running this day after day!

This will certainly make a good show for families to bring their kiddos to... and remember to take the front seats to ensure full enjoyment!

Now... i am looking forward to " The Lion King"!