merry christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!

I know i have been pretty quiet both on FB and here for the past few weeks...been trying to make some changes, and adjusting to them.

When i made the decision to move from Aviva to my current job, i have in some way made my christmas wish(es).

I want to change the way i live my life .... i want to be able to spend more time @ home, doing the things i love.

So far, the past few weeks seem quite promising , so let's see how i go from here.

Other than changing jobs, we've got a new member in the family. Mum has let go of Vespa's passing, and opened her heart to accepting a new dog. We adopted and welcomed Mickey , the mini maltese to our home.


Mickey &Me.jpeg

I've also made baby steps to re-visit my plans for UrbanNook. I have put my maiden business in cold storage for about 9 months now. It is about time squeeze some time out of my daily schedule to fulfill my dreams. SO.. here's doing a little advertisement... there will be new stock coming in in January.. so look out for it on! Oh... and before i forget... I will be @ West Coast Mall on 15 Jan to peddle my ware! So come on down if you one to be one of the first to see my new collection! kekeke!

On the home front, we have also finally gone to see a chinese physician to see what we should be doing to improve on Project B. She was extemely positive and was quite sure we don't need IVF, at least for now. So.. crossing my fingers to see how things progress then. I do hope to have more good news to share ... :)

Lastly... thank you Hwa for the very very lovely gift! After being a couple for close to a decade, I know gifts of bags and jewellery is not your cup of tea, but tech toys are. So... here's my new mac pro, which I am loving every minute of using it! Love ya!


P.S. I am sure 2011 will be a good year.... so let's hope I will continue to have this positive outlook to life for the months to come! yeah!