I have always wanted to blog about how i've got lots of techie stuff lying around in my house , and it's truly a wonder why hubz is not an engineer of some sort.

Well... just doing a mental scan of my house now, I have got 2 e-books (nook and kindle), 4 portable hard-drives,  4  digital cameras,, 4 wireless mouse.... ermm... 1 ds lite, 1 psp, x-box kinect... and these only makes up the tip of the iceberg.

Hubz' love of all things techie is beyond my comprehension, just like how he cannot understand why I am constantly browsing, and how my eyes light up at the sight of Gucci, Agnes B, Coach, Kate Spade and the list goes on.

I guess I stand to be the major beneficiary of his interest, thus should not be complaining... however, I often get pangs of guilt for not being able to fully appreciate the beauty of these toys. Other than the iPad, and now my MacBook Pro... all other gadgets he got for me have been banished to the cold palace... like my DS Lite and possibly my nook.

This reminds me of his addiction to or should I say obsession. Ironically, while i had issues with him glueing his face to the site, I was the one who actually told him about it!

Despite being jealous of having to share Hubz with the site, i would have to say it is a pretty good one. While i read in a couple of forums on how people felt it is a scam and all.. i think not.

To be able to successfully win something here, you will first need to have lots of patience... secondly... be willing to sacrifice precious time with your bed... and be selective in the items you bid for to remain in the game for the  long run... and eventually go for the kill!

Well... never bidded before, but at least from observing Hubz @ it... and of course with all these tech toys as his trophies...I suppose it really works... although when he tried to go for the kill... he failed... and that's how he decided end his relationship with it!

Oh... and two of the most interesting wins he had were...... 5kg D24 Durians and Durian Mooncakes!!!! Whahahahaha! Guess this geek loves durians on top of tech toys!