Pleasant Experience @ MAH

I have in recent times learned to give compliments when I see good service. I mean, the folks in the service industry get enuff shit from over-demanding singaporeans who complain at every small inaction, which sometimes makes every third person's blood boil.

Treat people with the same respect you expect to be given, and that is what I always live by.

I have had my fair share of experience dealing with hospitals, both private and govt. My recent surgery at Mt Alvernia proved that there are healthcare professionals who really care, and not doing what they do because it is "just a job". The people at MAH made my surgery experience less scary than it seems, registration was effortless, waiting and prep for the op was made as comfortable as possible even when the day surgery ward was at full occupancy. Discharge was pleasant where nurses fussed over me making sure I was really ok. And... They made the effort to call the following day to ensure there was no dire after effects.

So, I just want to say thank you to the folks @ the Day surgery ward @ MAH. If I were ever to have a kid... It is MAH for sure.
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  1. Sweetie are you okay? Have a speedy recovery :)


  2. *singing* I'm a Mt Alvenia baby~

    Anyway hope u're recovering well,cya soon ya :)

  3. Cyn: Thanks love :) I am okie dokie! Using this week as a break too!
    B2: See u soon k! Hope Dr Fong gives me the ok to start on yoga soon!

  4. Glad you're full of chirps despite the mini cut up! Have a speeeeeeeeedy recovery and hop you end up in mt A soon for a sweet delivery! I'm crossing fingers and praying for you :)


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