I am 30...

Feel very blessed to have so many people remember my hatchday this year ( although I have to admit, it is probably partly becoz of the power of FaceBook). Well, whether or not it is social media @ play, i choose to believe people send their well wishes across cos they want to! :)

Like what some people say... 30 is the new 20s... and I cannot agree more. Being financially independent means I am better able to enjoy the finer things in life, yet occasionally bask in its simplicity. 

For once after 8 years of being a couple, Hubz made a mini effort to take me away for a weekend out of town. Although it was only across the causeway... it was a good start esp with a not surprising surprise birthday cake delivered to our hotel room.  of coz, not forgetting the annual flowers to the office "Surprise". :) This year, it's Lilies.... so i suppose next year will be roses... :) hahahaha!

At 30, it was also my first time going for a surgery. Yeah.... i found out that one of my fallopian tubes are blocked. Of coz I had options not to do the op, and look for alternatives to conceive. But, not doing the op means, whatever option i choose going forward, chances of success will be reduced by 50%. Obviously, i was nervous.... but had to put up a front to everyone ....  Am ok now, although it still hurts @ the wound... let's hope all these are worth the effort.

Anyway.... birthday wish this year is to make use of time to do things i have always wanted.... but not dwell to much on the unnecessary. :)

Ok... i am off to napzzz.... the heat + the painkillers are making me sleeping... AGAIN.


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