sometimes i wonder…

The past two weeks have been really hectic. In the words of a friend..”times are bad, so you got to work like hell to ensure you keep your job!” No doubts about that… but what makes my blood boil every single day is the constant stream of negativity generated by the people around.

Sometimes i wonder… why are some people just so selfish…stubborn…and narrow minded.

They will do anything…  paving the way for themselves to rise above…. yet indirectly cost others their jobs. Do they even know that they are being destructive…

Why do they think that everyone else around them are incompetent? Truth is , it’s probably a sign of insecurity…knowing that there are so many smarter and better players out there…. and it scares them… so their first line of defense is to smear shit all over the good… misleading the rest to also think good is evil… and evil is good.

I am sick and tired of this crap.

Get a life! Spend time working rather than dig graves for others… cos one day… you will find yourself digging your own.

Yes… i believe there’s karma.