i should be glad

Finally went for a second opinion, and guess project b has to take back seat for now as there are more pressing issues that’s in dire need of fixing.

Can’t help feeling disappointed with myself… and of course sad, although i knew from the back of my mind that i am probably not in the best of health. As a growing kid, i always had problems in that area…. so this should not have turned out to be a surprise to me. I was probably trying to run away from what may be the truth… but am glad i finally got to get a second opinion after my horrendous experience with the first gynae i consulted.

Anyway… I am just praying that all things will turn out just fine.

And… at times like this…i am also glad that i have my jewellery making to  turn to. It’s quite therapeutic to be devoting my time, taking my mind off these not too happy stuff with designing pretty things for my customers.:)

Once again… a sneak preview of what’s coming @ urbannook.com.