perplexing behaviour

Do people act weird when they grow older?

I noticed recently, MIL has become extremely defensive on every thing that happens at home, right to smallest thing of turning off the stove when the water is boiling.

Whenever we tell her things like... she did not wipe the kitchen top... she will rebut saying we are just too  lazy to clean. Really! is there a need to?

Hiah... so it has become a point where I try to say less....communicate less... which makes going home everyday quite agonising.

Sometimes i wonder if it is because she likes us less... or is it because she sees us everyday... and that BIL is away... that's why she tends to compare as she misses him a lot. Sigh!

MIL aside,... there's  my own mum as well....


  1. Anonymous12:01 am

    MOTHERS! I never really understood mine either.



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