I dream... therefore I will

Had dinner with a galfren on thursday night @ the Greenhouse Cafe (not sure if I got the name right). It's actually a florist, with a cafe serving up unique flower teas... and great dinner sets... all at affordable prices. The cafe accommodates only a few tables... which gives me a feeling that the owner set up this shop...purely to share her/his love for flowers.... and to share their own recipes with people who have the time to spend at their cafe.

I love the greenhouse cafe. I remember... as a girl... other than badly wanting to be a crew... I had the dream of being an owner of a flower shop. Providing unique creations for numerous weddings... selling affordable flowers to those who have the same liking for flowers as me. I enjoy receiving flowers, of course would love to see people buying them to bring a smile of their loved ones.

I also remember i have another dream. When I was in perth... i told myself... one day I will run and bake my own croissants, come up with my own pastry creations, and sell them @ my very own al fresco cafe.

Today... I dream of baking cakes... making desserts... and serving them to people who appreciates sweets like I do, at the same time.... have a gift shop side by side.... being the go to for people who needs fresh ideas for a gift for someone.... flowers... cakes... cookies....anything!

If i realised my dream of being a crew... i would have been able to save up enuff for the dream of having my shop. Well... but that shud not be a hindrance for me to live the way I want. If I can dream... i will have what I want. It is only a matter of time.

For that matter.... I made yummy durian sticky rice last week... and this weekend... here's my own creation.... Cranberry and Mango cake. :). I took a recipe I had for making a butter cake... added a dash of lemon...chopped cranberries & dried mangoes... While I feel that texture can still be improved.... taste wise... it's yummy!



  1. i wanna ur yummy sticky rice recipe!! =D
    ohh its the 2nd time tis wk i hear of greenhouse! i bet it muzt be good! shall hit it soon...

  2. Hi girl....

    It is actually quite easy...

    Put the durian flesh into a food processor... then heat up some coconut cream (amt depends on your liking)...

    add the processed durian flesh... and stir into a paste.

    You can add more coconut cream to your liking... and add sugar if you like....

    For the rice... buy glutinous rice.. soak it for at least 2 hours. Soak longer for stickier rice.

    Then drain the water and steam it for about 40 min.

    Sprinkle a bit of water every now and then... if you like add a bit of heated coconut cream into the rice after 20min...stir it around then continue to steam till rice is soft.

  3. Hey Sweetie

    You are making me SO HUNGRY :P
    I am a sucker for anything sweet!!



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