Satisfaction... or the lack of it

Human beings are  funny creatures. They can never be satisfied....or can they?

Have not blogged about work for a very long time. I thought things have settled down... and I am beginning to see my value... and had at one point of time, believe that this is where I will stay on for a good few years.... maybe get myself up the corporate ladder.

My fellow colleague said this to me..." No doubts about your capability. No offence to your ability to deliver. But, i think, you are not a corporate climber, and that's going to bring you down."

Am I not?

It affects me. What he said. Does that mean, I will never get what I want from my career. Am I just going to be a lowly paid, diligent executive all my life. An executive with a staff who's job title is also an executive.

I want more. I do.

But.. all these corporate crap is too much for me take. Why do people like to go all out to do everything just to impress the one above. Isn't it tiring .... ? It's not me. IT's NOT!

Don't get affected?

But I'm human too!