all i want for christmas... not my two front teeth. They are still very much in tact... a little protuded though. :p

Christmas is about giving... about joy and peace. It is also about hope. It is not about the material things that we often chase after. Everyone's different. If we dig deeper, we will find somewhere kept in a little nook and corner of our hearts is the yearn for simplicity. Or am I wrong?

All I want for Christmas is ...

...a home I can call my own. A home where I live by my own rules... and not by others. A home where I can say and do what I like without any qualms or considerations.

...a companion who will spend a little more time with me for once. A companion who will stop seeing lifeless "creatures" such as a desktop or/and PSP as his best friend. A companion who will learn to keep a work life balance.

...a little bundle of joy to make my life a little more complete.

Merry Christmas everyone.


  1. May all your wishes come true - all 1, 2 and 3!
    God bless you this day and onwards my dear!

    You heve been a blessing! :)


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