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Weighty issues

Plonked myself on the weighing scale two days back.

Eyes almost popped out when i saw where the needle ended up.

Tried the digital scale... the result was worst.

I recalled my weight was still in good range just a week back.

What happened?

Has my weight gone up like how cost of living has?

Sigh.... adds so much to my angst as well.

Having a husband who's not at all encouraging makes it event worst.

Meen: I look lik XX kg?
Hwa: I think so.
Meen: What you mean you think so?
Hwa: You din use to have that bluge.
Meen: No...i always had it. If I put on more kg... and never lose them...will you still love me?
Hwa: You mean you will allow yourself to get so heavy?
Meen: Nevermind!

Time to go to the gym more often....

Love lost....learn to treasure

Am now waiting to watch the re-run of my fav tvbs drama serial..."heart of greed" or 溏心風暴.
Todays' episode will show how the young lawyer die from a car accident... with the regret of not telling this girl how much she means to him and vice versa. They have been contemplating to bear their hearts out to each other.... but before that can happen.... he dies. And.... he died becoz he was thinking of how to help her fight her next case. Something that will make every softie cry.

We think that such sob stories only happen on the tele.... but no.

I was surfing around, and came across a blog. At first glance, it felt like a lovey dovey kind of blog, that spells out all the happiness of a pair of young lovers. Read further, and you will realise the guy has passed away 2 years ago, in a freak diving accident, which was also on national papers.

It's been two years, but every entry the girl writes... you can feel that pain she has gone through as it happened just when he proposed …

Rising cost of living

My breakfast sandwich cost me $2.70 today.

It was $2.50 only last week. In a matter of just a few breakfast has cost me 20 cents more.

Was @ NTUC Fairprice earlier. Overheard a mother telling her child.... " This used to cost 70 cents, now it's 95 cents!! Look how the price has risen. You should learn to save money!". I don't know what the context of their conversation was... but it sure sounds like inflation is setting in.

The cost of everything.... almost every commodity is rising... just like how the number of ERP gantries keep popping up all over the island. Such has made a lot of small time business folks who earns a living in the "restricted zone" rethink if they should increase the price of their items due to the rising cost of their supplies.... or reduce price to woo customers back as no one is patronising them due to the ERPs.

Tough. Yes it is. But... have you ever asked... how come our pay did not increase today.... just like how the pri…



Yet another one of their changes...

I joined for barely a year. This is going to be my 4th change in mgmt. I have had to adapt to 3 different directors. Just when I thought I have finally settled down, and know how to manoveour my way around my boss, they decide to get a proper boss for us ( the same time, SHE has finally decided to leave).

Honestly, I do not know if this is really going to do us any good, as I am beginning to feel kinda tired of constantly adjusting to each and everyone's style of working. And... my area of work takes a lot of effort to get people convinced of the goodness of what it will bring. Imagine being back to square one every single time I think I have made considerable progress. Totally exhausting.

Is this for the better? Or just one more of their mandates which we have to live it?

Crown me "Ms NPS" please?! Pretty puh....llleease...

NPS... otherwise known as Net Promoter Score. That's what I am doing, looking @, exploring... day in day out. And NPS was the reason I got to go to UK three weeks back.

I can see bubbles forming above all your heads.

Well... NPS is a customer advocacy research method that ask customers the question of
" How likely would you recommend <> to a friend or colleague?"

Customers are supposed to use a scale from 0 to 10 to answer this question, where 0 = highly unlikely..... and 10= highly likely.

People who rate the company 0 to 6 are called detractors, 7&8 are passives and 9&10 are promoters. Using the percentage of promoters to subtract that of detractors, gives you the NPS.

Cool? Sounds simple.... but there's so much behind this methodology... that I am getting myself quite immersed in. And.... I am supposed to be helping to implement this programme in my company... as it is proven to have a correlation with financial growth....

Am I getting boring? Go read it..…

I STILL remember the little things....

The time when mobile phones had no colour.... picture messages, that used pixels to create were the hottest things that gets sent around. He creates them on the computer, with special custom messages just for me. He sends me at least one everyday. And this is even before we became a couple.

The first gift was an amatuerish flash presentation..... that made David Tao's "Love so simple" our song. That flash presentation touched me so much ... I cried. Two years later, his skills improved, and made a second "flash" for me on my birthday. Not the most expensive bithday gift... but it touched me once again.

......More to come.....

Remembering the little things

Was out for drinks with a couple of colleagues on thursday nite, in an "sex and the city " kind of way..... where four gals sit around the table and bitch about men.

One girlie was having some sort of silent war with her boyfriend. In fact I dun even know if he is her bf. Anyway... she complained about how he does not know how to read her mind. And..... how goondu he is.... doesn't know how to please a gal... (reminds me so much of hwa) blah blah blah. You can all probably guess the full list of grievences she had.

The other girlie...was just saying how she feels neglected by her husband, when her husband thinks that there is absolutely nothing wrong at all. And... she of coz want to get her way.... so what does she do? Scream at him.... Not too wise i guess..... as she hasn't heard from him since the nite before.

The third girlie...swinging single... and going gaa gaa over some guy.... who is just so ah beng... and so not worth her time... as he is obviously playing th…