Quadraple whammy

First it was a cold, then came the fever.... when I thought it was finally over, I became constipated. In bid to relieve my pain.... Hwa gave me some laxatives which was supposed to be "gentle on the bowels". Well... I have since learnt never to believe watever the packaging says... coz it's all bullshit. Constipation soon (and I mean really soon... like 5 mins...) turned into diarrhoea! That wasn't all.... the whole day on labour day.... when it is a bright and sunny day.... when I shud really be @ the beach.... I was visiting the toilet, everytime i try to put food into my mouth. That's how powerful Hwa's "elixir" !!!!

Even at this every min.... i can feel my stomach churning....

Anyway.... Coach has their new Ergo range out... and they are just too tempting! I want!!!

See more on www.coach.com

Anyone wants to buy for me? Pretty please!!! ??