I am 28 this year


Birthdays are a time where u make demands, act silly, do whatever u want to... and people will give in to u coz it's YOUR ( plus all the other folks who happen to be born on the same day) DAY!.

Birthdays are the best excuse to meet up with family and friends for a good meal... and be jolly.

Birthdays are also often a time where people begin to reflect on what they have been tru the past year (or even their whole life) .... be it good or bad.

I turned 28 last weekend.

I did all the above except the reflecting bit. Maybe I will do it in here... and let you guys shake your heads at my less than interesting life.

Being 28 means... in no time, I will be 30. Looking back... I have nothing to be proud of. After working for close to 6 years... I am still a puny executive, with a puny bank acct.

At 28, I have no assets, maybe 'cept for my husband. The rest are all liabilities....eg. my house.....my car.... and many other things in my life.

At 28, I have spent about one-ninth of that time overseas.... after from my family. Independent... and almost carefree. Another one-ninth of that 28 years ( plus many years on) , I had to handle my mum's illness... and that deepened our mother-daugther r'ship.

At 28, there is still so many things I want to do... I want to see.

At 28, I wished that things will improve in my career.... progression is really what I want now. I used to believe in doing wat I love.... but does it even matter now?

At 28... i still yearn for simplicity...


Dear... Thanks for the flowers and the pendant...

Also.... thanks to Hwa and my KOR KOR... for spending my bday with me.... :)