Nestle + expresso =??


Saw this cute expresso machine @ one the the research agency we are working with. Feel in love with it instantly. Have seen many such machines before, but this is the most compact and cute one I have seen so far!

Easy to order capsules... makes it even for appealing! :)

My next costly buy?...Maybe.... Maybe not....


  1. Anonymous11:13 pm

    hey i got a nespresso machine in my office too. we bought it france though, cheaper i think. me not an espresso fan but it's very good according to my boss! it's really cute and easy to handle :)

  2. So good!!!! I want a nespresso machine too!!!!

  3. Anonymous7:11 pm

    I just checked, we bought it for 132 euros, which is 270+ sgd. how much is it locally?

  4. WAH!!! Spore is $500 lei!


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