Lack of inspiration…compensated by an awfully sweet post

The lack of inspiration over the past two weeks has left me abandoning my bloggy for a while. I figured… writing comes with moods. If there is no feel…nor mood… I will end up writing loads of crap… and it becomes incomprehensible to my readers. It doesn’t help that I am down with flu and feeling grouchy all the time… so writing during this period will make the post more negative than it is supposed to sound.

Eniwei, just thought I’d spend a little bit more time writing about Hwa. Well… Hwa just recently bought me an O2 Atom Life. He knew for a long long time, that I’ve always wanted to get a PDA… but then, I always get distracting by the choices of pretty phones out there, that I will always buy something based on aesthetics.

I didn’t have any hint or whatsoever that he was getting me the O2. Firstly… there is no occasion to get me any fancy techie gifts… esp when we all know what a prudent spender this husband of mine is. Moreover… I just changed my phone like 2 months back… and still love it pretty much.

All I knew was…. Hwa got his bonus… he started researching on PDA phones… which I honestly tot, was because he wanted one himself… though I thought was unlike him.

It was only after the purchase was made, he gave the phone to me, and said it was for me.

Hwa may not be the most romantic person around. But… he always never fail to make me smile… and surprise me. We dun go for romantic dinners… and dun very often buy me little gifts… but I must say… whenever he buys me anything at all… it is always things with a huge price tag… that comes with “loads of goodness”.

Being a prudent spender, he is ever willing to part with his $$ just to give me what I want… and at this juncture… I must put in a disclaimer – I did not ask for the phone. He just knew what I wanted…

We have by far, been together for 5 years… not very long… I guess his love for me is quite evident. Similiarly…he has become a huge part of my life that I wun be able to imagine what it will be like without him. J We have come to point where we can read each other like a book… tolerating all the digusting habits…. Arguing about everything… and making up right after. Then sit down.. and think about it….and i realise… “So… this is what marriage is all about”.

Well… what I want to drive at is…. Though I dun always say this to Hwa… but I truly… love him to bits… and appreciate him simply being around me. Though I always complain that he is not attentive enuff…. He spends too much time with his gadgets and games… at least one thing I know is… he is true to me…

Nuff said. U get the drift.


  1. Anonymous2:00 am

    see, so many reasons to stay extra days in London! :)


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