Taipei - Day 2

Got up about 9am. Planned to visit Jiu Fen Old Street in the morning. Hwa heard about it from his colleagues, and kept telling me he wanna go.

I wanted to book two tickets on the "Taiwan Tour Bus" which will take us on a half day tour, not only to Jiu Fen, but also other neighbouring coastal area. Hwa was not for it, as it will cost us NT1000 each (which is about S$50). So, we decided to find out own way there via the Taipei Railway Trains.

Right: That's me! All ready to go.

The train tickets cost us NT 58 each, and the ride took about 1 hour to reach the Ruei Fang Station. From Ruei Fang, we still had to take a public bus up the hill to Jiu Fen. The journey up the hill was like driving up to Genting, just that it's altitude is not as high. Oh... public bus... cheap cheap. Only NT22 per pax. That's like S$1...

The scenery up to Jiu Fen was breathtaking. Was quite taken in by it. Maybe coz we dun quite see this in S'pore. :)

Above: Ain't it beautiful

By the time we arrived @ Jiu Fen, I am started to feel hungry .... AGAIN! Haha! No worries.... the whole street has become very touristy that there is no lack of food... GOOD STREET FOOD!

Anyway.... history has it that, back in the Qing Dynasty, families living in this old village always requested for nine portions of whatever shipments that came in. Therefore... the name Jiu Fen.

Above: Authentic Taiwanese Beef Noodles. Quite a bit of MSG though.

Above: Hwa finally got to eat SMELLY TOFU, after countless of failed attempts in HK.

The street had so many little stalls, selling local snacks and delicacies. Tried their bbq-ed sweet potato, Yam + Durian puff, Taiwan Sausage, Sugared Bread Stick.... YUM YUM. We also bought boxes of freshly baked pineapple cakes and "Tai Yang Bing" (aka: Sunshine cake) to bring home for our families.

Taiwan is really all about FOOD!

Above: I'm outside this sweet looking teahouse, it serves the traditionalkind of chinese tea, with those mini earthen pots. You get to choose to sit at their balconies, to enjoy the fab views.

Walked around for about an hour, we decided to head back to the hotel, drop our cakes + biscuits, so we can do some shopping @ Hsimenting (since our hotel is in the vincinity).

Bought two pairs of shoes... what else do you expect from me!

Hsimenting is generally a place for the young. The whole place has shops & boutiques selling street fashion, and coffee houses such as StarBucks, Dunkin Donuts, McD, KFC etc lining the street. Shoe shops are also plenty.... and most are of the latest trend. The shoes are cheap too! NT390 per pair. That's like S$17! They are really comfy too! Was trying hard to control myself... cos there is space in my shoe cabinet is scarce! :(

Dinner was at Shilin Street Night Market. It's food galore!!!! My favourites were the XXL chicken and their Snow Ice! Well... their oyster omlette was ok only. Still like those we find in Singapore. Haha. Their fried rice/noodles and "chuan chuan"s were also not as nice as those we had on day 1 @ Huaxi Street. Oh well... still the XXL chicken really lived up to its reputation. So sedap... we had one after another! Haha!

Well.... to end it all off.... I had my bubble tea once again. There's like 3 bubble tea shops couple of doors away from the hotel we stayed at..... and plenty of them Shilin. The cool thing about Taiwan's bubble tea is.... you can choose how sweet you want your tea.... and they usu come in two sizes!

Above: That's a tired.... and bloated Hwa.... channel surfing..... wat else!


  1. Anonymous7:14 pm

    I'm so ENVIOUS! I've heard of Jiu Fen before but never been there. I missed the food and the cua bing there. There isn't much to shop there right?


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