It's finally over...time to Relax

The event which I was overseeing, finally ended. The VIPs came, and they left. They were pleased as I was told, which means I did good. I knew I did well.... in fact, this was probably my best organised event.

The curtains were drawn over two months of hard work. After many months of what I felt was sitting ard and doing nothing, I seem to have found the satisfaction I was looking for.

Despite that.... I guess being the staff of my boss.... no matter how hard I worked... the guests will only think it is her doing. And that is what irks me. Over the two months, she hardly lifted a finger to help. During the 3 days, the guests were here... all she did was scream at us. So, my work involved more than just putting together a good show.... and also managing HER. And no rewards for guessing..... praises were only reserved for her. Oh well! It happens all the time... and I have taken it in my stride.

Now that it is all over, time for me to relax, lift my feet.... and enjoy my taipei trip! :)

And... before that, here's some piccies taken during our D&D.

The tallest balloon competition

YY & Myself..... I bet she will miss me when I am away fr work! Hahaha~

HC..... eyes closed! She will kill me if she knows i put this pic online.

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