3 months into Primary 2

When mums come together, there's usually a few key topics we talk about and most times, it will be about the kids.

So, majority of the kids in a mums group that I hang out with have all started formal school.

Inevitably, we share things like how much homework our kids get, how the teachers are helping the kids to settle down in school, especially those in Primary 1; how the kiddos are adapting and all those stuff. Mummies who have school going kids will agree all these sound oh too familiar.

Protecting Hopes and Dream

The title of this post sounds very much like the headlines I often write in my day job.

While it sometimes seems like "fluff", we do mean what we say when we tell people to start thinking about protecting what matters to the ones they love. 

Of course, protection means different things to different people. 

In our family, it is about ensuring our kids complete their education, do what they enjoy and grow up being able to support themselves through life. And this should be whether or not the man and I are still alive. 

If we live to a ripe old age, and maintain our ability to provide for them, well and great isn't it? But what if something untoward happens to us? 

How about the other people who are dependent on our income to live out the rest of lives, like our parents? 

Conversations around death or permanent disability is a heavy one and often a sensitive one. However, the conversation is absolutely be necessary. 

From a life insurer's perspective, it is always encouraged …

4 free and easy ideas to Seoul for young families

Finally, finally, finally got my big fat butt moving on sharing about our trip to Seoul last year.
After almost 6 months!

Reboot and Recharge - a 2018 reflection

Both the man and I have the habit of having our fortunes (or prospects) read before we start a new year.

Not that we are superstitious, nor do we believe everything we hear. However, we feel the reading  forms some guidance on how we will tackle the challenges that may come our way.

As the age old saying goes, our destinies are in our own hands and knowing what may come, I believe, will help us make the decisions we deem fit and also prepare for any tough situations. 
2018 was no different.

We started the year with an indication that it is going to be a tough one.

More so for me. I was warned that it will be a bumpy ride on the career front, and it sure was.

I made the hard decision to let go of the job I grew to love a lot,  and have taken a lot of pride in. Every job comes with its fair share of trials and tribulations. This was my sweet spot.

However, when situations such as being a new mother of 2 after 6 years of winging is as a FTWM (full time working mum) of one, it was like pr…

Family Fun in Tainan - Part 2

We spent a fair bit of time at Tainan when we were there in 2015. And I am glad we did because it is such a culturally rich experience to be able to learn a little bit more about the history of this island country I have come to love.

Part 1 of our holiday in Tainan is here, and since I am very very late in sharing our Tainan experience, I thought why not put together a montage of sorts! A teeny weeny bit of truth here is because I cannot remember a lot of the details now.